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We’re living in a great time for hair cuts! Why? Because anything goes right now! If you pay attention you’ll realize that you can rock pretty much any style, and your Shumpert Box Hair Cut, High Top Fadeok. Just turn on the the TV. I’m watching an NBA game right now and I’m seeing, box cuts, fades, caesers, Mohawks,waves,  baldies, and some things I can’t even describe!


Now the danger in this is that you can become the victim of experimentation by a novice! Of course that won’t happen with a real barber, and that’s what we advocate…Real Barbering!

Hair Cuts at Exodus

Big Daddy Kane Box Hair Cut

At Exodus Barber Shop, and real Barber Shops around the world, the true art of our beautiful trade is being practiced everyday. Unfortunately many heads are falling victim to just that… practice…I’m “talkin bout practice”( in my Allen Iverson voice)! In fact some of these NBA dudes are getting practiced on and sent out to the playoffs!

South of France, Usher's Hair Cut

If your a creative person you can use your haircut as an extension of that creativity with the help of your friendly neighborhood tonsorial artist. Don’t worry regular folks,  the conservative look never goes out of style.  In fact , to my dismay, many young people are refusing to cut their hair at all. Hey Kid…Get A Cut!!!


Dan Brown the BarberArticle written by Dan Brown The Barber




One of   the latest trends in hairstyles is the “South Of France” haircut made famous by Usher Raymond. Barely a day goes by at the Barber Shop without someone asking me for that “Usher Cut”.

I love this style because one of my good usher-haircutfriends, and business partners, Curtis Smith created this cut just for Usher prior to the release of the multi-platinum album “Looking 4 Myself”. Fortunately Curtis taught me the style before most people knew what it was, and I was able to keep my clients ahead of the curve.

Usher Haircut by Dan Brown the BarberFor some people a haircut is a haircut, but for many it’s much more. Have you ever seen a person with expensive looking clothes, shoes, and even a nice car…but a jacked up cut? It makes them look like a lame money spender. On the other hand, another individual may be casual yet clean and that nice haircut makes them look , not just cooler, but more intelligent…think about it. Good haircuts play an intricate part in how an individual is viewed by other people.

Lets get back to the “South of France” Haircut. Curtis Explained to me that while he was in the South of France, traveling with Diddy (Smith also serves as his personal Barber) he saw some people over there with this original hairstyle. He told me he knew that he would bring it home, but he had to wait for the right time, and the right person to bring it out. Fast forward to 2012 and Usher fit the bill. Now everyone wants that haircut. As a top celebrity, setting fashion and style trends is very important, and that’s why people like Usher pay top dollar to keep creative people on their staff, to help them stay relevant.

This is why I attend hair shows and barber battles, travel, network, and am a member of the world’s premier Barber team, Team Xotics. I’ve been at it for over south of france "usher haircut" by Dan Brown the Barber25 years, including the ownership of my shop since 1998. I want to keep my customer’s at the forefront of style, not just following it. At Exodus we strive to keep our people looking and feeling like celebrities, without having to spend like them.

Styles come and go, but keeping up with and even ahead of the trends, is how we keep our clients fresh…and relevant!

Article written by Dan Brown “The Barber”





South of france haircut by Wane at Exodus Barber ShopSouth of France Fade haircut by Wane at ExodusSOUTH OF FRANCE HAIRCUT, BEST BARBERSHOP IN ATLANTA, DAN BROWN THE BARBERSouth of France Haircut by Dan Brown the Barber at Exodus Barber ShopSouth of France Hair cut

SOUTH OF FRANCE HAIRCUT BEST BARBERSHOP IN ATLANTA DAN BROWN THE BARBERSouth of France Haircut by Q at The Best Barberhop in AtlantaUsher, South of France Hair Cut by Wane Wonder at ExodusUsher's, South of France Hair Cut by Dan Brown the Barber at Exodus