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A few years ago Alex C Campbell (internet marketing guru, founder of, and top notch barber at Exodus Barber Shop) told me Barbering was about to blow up. He said, like skateboarding it would become something kids wanted to do, and that there’d be Reality shows based on it. At the time I was a grizzly old Barber-game vet and shop owner who thought I’d seen it all. I pretty much took the profession that subsidized my life ( much more than my college and post graduate education had ever done) for granted. Fast-forward Cedric the Entertainer in Barber Shopto 2014, “Barber Battle” starring Cedric the Entertainer, is a Reality show/ contest set to start on the CW network.

The beautiful truth is that I’m not surprised. That conversation with Alex led to us creating Barber/ Hip-Hop videos “Giddacutt” and “Barberlife” as well as the ” Barberlife Mix CD” with DJ Jamad.

I started to attend The Bronner Brothers Hair Shows, and nurtured relationships with some of the top Barber professionals in the industry. Eventually I befriended Curtis Smith ( Founder of Xotics Products, and personal Barber to Usher and Diddy), and became a proud member of the Team Xotics. I was also fortunate enough to have input at the beginning stages of what is now the premier, city to city Barber Battle: The Hairbattle Tour!

A couple of years ago I was given the opportunity to speak at The Barbers Rountable Dinner. This event is a bi-annual dinner/awards ceremony put on by Curtis Smith and Team Xotics, coinciding with the Bronner Brothers hair show in Atlanta. The Roundtable brings together some of the biggest names in the Barber Industry while facilitating an atmosphere in which all attendees are socializing, and networking on the same level.
As a speaker at this amazing venue I shared a stage with the likes of: Damien and Jermaine Johnson of the No Grease Barber School and chain of Barber Shops in Charlotte, NC; Kamal Nuru founder of the original NYC Barber Battle, and Barber World TV; and Lee Resnick founder of the social networking, and pulse if the barber industry, At just such and event I was made aware of an upcoming realty series on a major network based on barber battles. Come to find out Lee had pitched the idea to the networks and now we have Barber Battle on

Alex C. Campbell  Dan Brown  Lee Resnick

Alex C. Campbell Dan Brown Lee Resnick

the CW!

I find it very fitting that Cedric the Entertainer is hosting this program being that the Barbershop movies he starred in played a pivotal role in the popular ascension of the Barber Movement. These were comedies, but they captured the essence of what we call the #barberlife.

Getting involved in my profession rather than just treating it like a job, or even worse a hustle, has greatly enriched my life. Barbers, and people in general, should strive to educate and uplift, as opposed to being spectators and commenters. Only God knows what the results may be, and at least you won’t be so Damn bored all the time!

Want to get involved? Click on some of the links in this article. Take it to the next level people, it’s a lot more fun that way!

Article written by
Dan Brown the Barber