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EXODUS BARBER SHOP is Atlanta’s source for  XOTICS by CURTIS SMITH, the all natural, hair, skin, and barber products.  The line features, SWEET JAMILA, the BEST

XOTICS, SWEET JAMILA. the best hair product for waves.HAIR PRODUCT for WAVES, as well as curly and straight hair styles.  Sharing the headlines is SHAVE THERAPY  the most amazing all natural SHAVING-CREAM that serves as a pre, during and after shave product.

The shop’s owner, Dan Brown is the Atlanta metro area’s major distibutor for the product line.

As a Barber with an extensive clientele, I value their business, and especially their trust.  For this reason, I only represent products I believe in.  In the case of Xotics I exhibit that belief by using them in conjunction with my services.

I always tell my customers that to have the hair you want, you must take care of your scalp.  Many traditional hair SHAVE-THERAPY~~element101products contain harmful ingredients, most prominently petroleum, which can be very harmful to the hair follicle and consequently hair growth and quality.  XOTICS products are made of all natural ingredients, which take care of the skin, scalp as well as the hair.  XOTICS SHAVE AND LINE BY WANE AT EXODUS BARBERS SHOPFor more information on the proper treatment of skin and scalp, feel free to read THIS ARTICLE.

So find your way to EXODUS BARBER SHOP for the best haircuts in the Atlanta area, and why you’re here pick up some of the best products on the market. We give discounts to customers purchasing services on Xotics products. For more information on purchasing XOTICS call Dan Brown at 770-364-5778, and visit XOTICSPRODUCTS.COM

Razor Shave with Xotics Shave Therapy by Shelley

Curtis Xmith creator of Xotics Products

Xotics Sweet Jamila, cut By Dan Brown the Barber



Article written by DAN BROWN THE BARBER

Dan Brown the Barber haircut razor line WITH SHAVE THERAPY BY XOTICS

Recently Exodus Barber Shop was recognized  in a CBS Atlanta article featuring the Best Places for Razor Shaves in the Atlanta area. We take great Razor Shave at Best Barbershop in Atlanta by Q the Barberpride in our Razor Shaves and Sharp Hair Lines, and was therefore very appreciative  to Le’Quisha Gray for writing the article.

“Back in the day” when I was a young Barber in Buffalo, NY, a customer sat in my chair and asked for a Razor Shave. At the time I’d never performed a razor shave so I told hi no. The barber next to me promptly exclaimed that he did, and needless to say, I quickly lost that client. I never answered that question with “no” again.  Fortunately for my people, that was almost 20 years ago, and I’ve learned a lot since then.

Barbering is an art, and we take pride in  all aspects of it. We aspire to to have our clients feel like celebrities. Several of our tonsorial artists have actually been barbers for Celebrities and choose to make their home at Exodus Barber Shop.  At Exodus Barber Shop, Razor Sharp Hairlines and clean shaves are the norm, and have been since 1998!

Razor Shave by Tra' at Exodus Barber ShopDan Brown the Barber haircut razor lineRazor Line by Wane at Exodus Barber ShopRazor Shave at Exodus Barber Shop by Shelley






To read the complete article on the CBS Atlanta website you can click on the link above. The section on Exodus Barber Shop is right here:

“Exodus Barber Shop in located in the big, yet small city of Stone Mountain, GA, and makes you feel at home as soon as you walk in. This barber shop is owned and operated by Dan Brown, who is very active in the community and supports the movement of the people and other barbers. While this barber shop has a long list of services it provides, the straight razor shave is one of the services the shop takes a load of pride in. Many of the barbers feel that the straight razor shave is an authentic take on a haircut. Get to Exodus Barber Shop to experience what some of the best barbers in Atlanta have to offer.”

Once again, thanks Le’Quisha!

Article By

Dan Brown the Barber

Dan Brown the Barber owner/master barber Exodus Barber Shop