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Hair cut by Dan brown the Barber best barbers in AtlantaThe art of barbering, or any craft of significance for that matter, generally coincides with one’s love for it. For the BEST BARBERS this may be referred to as BARBER LOVELove is an often used word but misdiagnosed condition. In this case love is not so much of an emotion but a state of mind. 

The emotional love that you felt when your heart fluttered, your eyes got wide, and all you wanted to do was be with that “special someone”, can also be associated with a lack of control. That’s kid love, puppy love. Although this love is fun and exciting, more times than not, it cannot sustain itself alone, and soon will pass.

Fade Hair Cut  by Ray at Exodus Barber Shop Being an outstanding Tonsorial Professional (Barber!), involves exhibiting a mature, grown up type of love. This is more similar to the love of a parent, or a spouse. This is the love that wakes you in the morning to cart your children to football, soccer or baseball practice. The love that keeps you up at night holding a sick child that will more than likely make you sick as well. The love that encourages you to sacrifice and save your dollars to pay for that cruise so you and your wife can experience that much deserved getaway. 

For this love, you know and expect that you will have to put in work!  If you feel no empathy for any of the above statements, maybe you don’t know what real love is…but I drift. 

Of course I’m not inferring that emotions aren’t involved with this mature love, but that there is a responsibility attached to it. This feeling of responsibility motivates  you to be outstanding…even when you don’t feelBarber Love Alex Campbell and Wane trade haircuts like it!

The grown up love, is the love that you want your Barber to have. It’s why we spend our money on the best tools, and pay to keep them regularly maintained. Its why we’re always on the look out for new cutting edge techniques, products, and equipment. It’s why we attend hair shows, and keep up with the current trends and styles through social media. It’s why we can greet you with a smile, even though there is soreness in our feet, or pain in our back.  It’s also why each one of us wants to be a better Barber, than the next Barber. The Best Barbers feel that they are “The Best Barber!”

Razor Shave at Exodus Barber Shop by ShelleyWanting to be the best, healthy competition amongst ourselves, it keeps us sharp…and keeps you looking good! This goes to the heart of our Pride

When you go out into the world with a hair cut from me, you represent and advertise my work, a walking billboard of sorts. Not too many individuals have jobs that can say that. But then again, the best barber doesn’t  have a job, he or she, is a business!

People who cut hair for a living, but don’t go through these thought processes, well, those are more than likely just hair cutters, not Barbers. They lack the mind set…they don’t have the love!

So brothers and sisters, the next time you’re ready to get your head right, don’t just “get a cut”, come get you some REAL BARBER LOVE!!! 

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