What makes a good barber? That seems to be a simple question to which one should answer, “Give a good haircut.” Unfortunately many of you have experienced otherwise. For example, what good is a guy who can cut hair if he’s never at the barber shop.

The Best Barbers In Atlanta IMG_2946 IMG_3074 The fact is, being good at any service entails more than perfecting a particular skill. Customers value dependability. How useful is a one hour cleaner that takes three hours to dry clean the clothes you need for that night. You have somewhere to go, and now your late. It really doesn’t matter how well your suit was pressed!

The same goes for Barbers. I can’t count how many times I’ve served someone new and they complained that although they liked the way the previous barber cut hair, they could never get a hold of him. Most barbers have the advantage of being independent contractors, meaning they pay booth rent and don’t have the traditional restrictions of the common employee.  Too many of them believe that this means they can come and go as they please as long as they fulfill their financial commitment to the shop owner,  but fail to realize that  they are ultimately answerable to their clients. I believe this entails more responsibility, takes more time and commitment.

Alex Campbell is one of the Best Barbers in AtlantaDan Brown the Barber and a High Top fadeBig Kev is One of The Best Barbers in AtlantaA big part of being dependable is consistency, and is why a successful business person can’t just work whenever he or she wants. I tell barbers all the time that they need to be accessible, but within realistic terms. It may sound good to tell customers that  you’ll be in at 6am and work all day, but if thats not reality, don’t say it. Business is like a relationship…don’t set expectations that you can’t live up to. If you meet a girl you like, and you spend $1000.00 every time you go out, she will expect it for the duration of the relationship. In other words, don’t act like a baller if you’re not!  If you want to work 10-7 and take a lunch at 1, let your people know and stick to it. Customers will appreciate you predictability, rather than unmet promises.

Another common complaint are unreasonably long, unexpected waits. A customer calls, the barber tells them they’re next, they arrive in 20 minutes and end up waiting 2 hours. Maybe they slid somebody in real quick, because they didn’t want to miss any money. Maybe the person really wasn’t next any you didn’t  expect them to get their that fast. At the end of the day it  doesn’t matter because you’re customer is now my client, and I make appointments, and they love jumping in the chair and not sitting around the shop.

Dan Brown is one of the Best Barbers in Atlanta at Exodus Barber Shop.Dependability is one of the reasons I work by appointment. I speak on this topic in my article “Why appointments work!”, and you can click on the highlighted area to read more about it.

There are a lot of Barbers out there, and you want the best. You want the best haircut, but you also want someone you can count on. You want a barber that’s responsible, consistent and loves their craft. In other words, part of being the Best barber is being a Dependable Barber.



Article written by Dan Brown the Barber


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