We’re living in a great time for hair cuts! Why? Because anything goes right now! If you pay attention you’ll realize that you can rock pretty much any style, and your Shumpert Box Hair Cut, High Top Fadeok. Just turn on the the TV. I’m watching an NBA game right now and I’m seeing, box cuts, fades, caesers, Mohawks,waves,  baldies, and some things I can’t even describe!


Now the danger in this is that you can become the victim of experimentation by a novice! Of course that won’t happen with a real barber, and that’s what we advocate…Real Barbering!

Hair Cuts at Exodus

Big Daddy Kane Box Hair Cut

At Exodus Barber Shop, and real Barber Shops around the world, the true art of our beautiful trade is being practiced everyday. Unfortunately many heads are falling victim to just that… practice…I’m “talkin bout practice”( in my Allen Iverson voice)! In fact some of these NBA dudes are getting practiced on and sent out to the playoffs!

South of France, Usher's Hair Cut

If your a creative person you can use your haircut as an extension of that creativity with the help of your friendly neighborhood tonsorial artist. Don’t worry regular folks,  the conservative look never goes out of style.  In fact , to my dismay, many young people are refusing to cut their hair at all. Hey Kid…Get A Cut!!!


Dan Brown the BarberArticle written by Dan Brown The Barber




One of   the latest trends in hairstyles is the “South Of France” haircut made famous by Usher Raymond. Barely a day goes by at the Barber Shop without someone asking me for that “Usher Cut”.

I love this style because one of my good usher-haircutfriends, and business partners, Curtis Smith created this cut just for Usher prior to the release of the multi-platinum album “Looking 4 Myself”. Fortunately Curtis taught me the style before most people knew what it was, and I was able to keep my clients ahead of the curve.

Usher Haircut by Dan Brown the BarberFor some people a haircut is a haircut, but for many it’s much more. Have you ever seen a person with expensive looking clothes, shoes, and even a nice car…but a jacked up cut? It makes them look like a lame money spender. On the other hand, another individual may be casual yet clean and that nice haircut makes them look , not just cooler, but more intelligent…think about it. Good haircuts play an intricate part in how an individual is viewed by other people.

Lets get back to the “South of France” Haircut. Curtis Explained to me that while he was in the South of France, traveling with Diddy (Smith also serves as his personal Barber) he saw some people over there with this original hairstyle. He told me he knew that he would bring it home, but he had to wait for the right time, and the right person to bring it out. Fast forward to 2012 and Usher fit the bill. Now everyone wants that haircut. As a top celebrity, setting fashion and style trends is very important, and that’s why people like Usher pay top dollar to keep creative people on their staff, to help them stay relevant.

This is why I attend hair shows and barber battles, travel, network, and am a member of the world’s premier Barber team, Team Xotics. I’ve been at it for over south of france "usher haircut" by Dan Brown the Barber25 years, including the ownership of my shop since 1998. I want to keep my customer’s at the forefront of style, not just following it. At Exodus we strive to keep our people looking and feeling like celebrities, without having to spend like them.

Styles come and go, but keeping up with and even ahead of the trends, is how we keep our clients fresh…and relevant!

Article written by Dan Brown “The Barber”





South of france haircut by Wane at Exodus Barber ShopSouth of France Fade haircut by Wane at ExodusSOUTH OF FRANCE HAIRCUT, BEST BARBERSHOP IN ATLANTA, DAN BROWN THE BARBERSouth of France Haircut by Dan Brown the Barber at Exodus Barber ShopSouth of France Hair cut

SOUTH OF FRANCE HAIRCUT BEST BARBERSHOP IN ATLANTA DAN BROWN THE BARBERSouth of France Haircut by Q at The Best Barberhop in AtlantaUsher, South of France Hair Cut by Wane Wonder at ExodusUsher's, South of France Hair Cut by Dan Brown the Barber at Exodus

The Hair Battle Tour is coming to Atlanta, on April 7th 2013, at Hush Sports Bar and Lounge. The tour is a traveling Barber Battle, which has already hit cities

Hair Battle Tour Atlanta 2013

Hair Battle Tour Atlanta 2013

like LA, Boston, Philadelphia, Chicago, Nashville, Columbus Ohio, Tampa, and West Palm Beach Florida. The Hair Battle Tour showcases the skills of the Best Barbers in America, while giving every tonsorial artist the chance to compete, rub elbows with, and be recognized by some of the top professionals in the industry. There will be prizes, including $500.00 for first place. Categories include Free Style Design, Fastest Fade, Mohawk with Beard, and Best Duplication design in which barbers will have the challenge of replicating a given image while  still adding their own flare.

The Hair Battle Tour is brought to you by Xotics Products (www.xoticsproducts.com.) makers of Sweet Jamila,
Shave Therapy, and many other top quality, all natural hair, and skin products.  Additionally, Pro Grip, the Clipper Cover company is teaming up with Xotics locally to make this event happen.

But there’s much more! There will also be a Sneaker Battle! You got the freshest pair of Jordan’s, or some wicked original art work on your kicks, show em’ what you got! The Sneaker Battle will be hosted and Judged by the New Jersey YouTube Legend Danny Amorin, of Team Xotics and owner of Klippers Barber Shop (www.klippersbarbershop.com).

But that’s still not all! The next day serious Barbers will have an opportunity to learn from the best. On April 8th Curtis Smith, Jessie Lima, Jorge Sierra will be conducting 6 hours worth of Intense Barber Training Classes.

The tour also is a vehicle of promotion and recognition for some of the Hair industry’s top product creators, and service providers. Xotics was created by Curtis IMG_0996Smith, who is also the personal barber for Diddy, Usher, and many other celebrities. Pro Grip was founded by Tim Shelton who, despite not being a hair professional, saw a need and created a product that insulates the barber’s hands from hot clippers and trimmers. The tour is also cosponsored by Da Guage, Premier Clipper Company, Graff*etch Hair Pattern Pencils, Pacinos App, HSC-The Hair Simulation Company, 6thelement, Classic Barber Threads, The Professionals Barber Shop, Barberizm, MBA, Thumbs Up Barber Shop and Exodus Barber Shop.

If you are interested in competing, purchasing tickets, or just want more information visit the official website at www.hairbattletour.com
As I stated earlier, Exodus Barber Shop, The Best Barber Shop in Atlanta (Shameless Plug!) is one of the sponsors of the event, and tickets are available at our Stone Mountain Location, as well as various Barber Shops, and retailers around the Atlanta area. And it doesn’t stop in Atlanta, next up…Boston May 5th! (then Chicago, then West Palm Beach, then……….)


article written by Dan Brown “The Barber”

I had an excellent conversation with another Barber. My brother in the “Barber Life”, Damon “NY The Barber” Redding, owns Pro Style Barber Shop just outside New Orleans, Louisiana.

Like me, Damon has been cutting hair most of his life. Unlike me he’s a Barber Instructor, and brings a certain amount of structure to the craft. What I mean is, he’s able to describe certain barbering techniques that I know how to do, but would have been able to visualize even if I didn’t. He actually explained to me how the natural movement of our wrist allows us to edge the side curve of the hair line over the temple easier on the right side than the the left. I actually went about my next haircut with a different outlook. Thanks Damon! I’d like to learn to teach in such a manner because I believe it will help me train Barbers to reach the skill level they need to be successful at Exodus Barber Shop, The Best Barber Shop in Atlanta.

Now to many Barbers this type of dialogue is as foreign as a Siberian goat herder (I don’t even know of they exist)! Many of us don’t look to each other for guidance, knowledge, or to just bounce ideas off of. I’m of the mind state that wherever or whomever I can learn from, I’m there. Knowledge is power, and money.

Too many Barbers don’t take this beautiful profession serious enough to expand their boundaries. Unfortunately many established hair cutters treat hair shows as just shows, social events to show off their skills, and have fun. Don’t get me wrong, have a good time and flex. Just don’t miss out on a chance to learn from a collection of highly skilled peers in your industry. These events should be treated as business conferences as well, with a great deal of focus given to the networking and educational opportunities they present. Education is the key to expanding our skill sets and clientele bases. You’re never too old to grow, and too experienced to learn.

Perhaps not enough is demanded of Barbers educationally. For instance, Cosmetologists in the state of Georgia are required to complete continuing education hours. (Click here to learn more about Georgia licensing requirements.) This is true for other professions such as Real Estate Agents, but there’s no such requirement for Barbers. Should there be? Some states such as Iowa already have such stipulations. Click here for details. In my opinion, as long as the education is real, and not just a front for the state to grab extra money, I’m all for it. Sometimes people must be force fed what they really need!

If you’re a Barber, or any type of skilled professional, take every opportunity to better yourself and you’ll find your income ceiling rise and quite possibly disappear. If you’re a customer, try to gravitate towards, and support the type of businesses, and business people who are on a constant quest to broaden their horizons. High expectations lead to high quality results.

Knowledge is everywhere. One can educate his or herself through school, books,media, trade shows, the Internet, etc. The multitude of available learning sources hold the keys to our expansion. If you need to know something, Google it! There’s a wealth of knowledge in the form of YouTube videos, blog articles, social network forums, and much more. (click here for more info) Basically, there’s no excuse for ignorance. We are all on a journey, and I don’t know about you, but I’m just getting started!

Blog Article written by Dan Brown “The Barber”

I’m not old, but I’m not that young either. So I remember when a cell phone was not a staple in our every day lives. Now, let’s make this perfectly clear. I’m pretty much attached to my mobile device, and for me, like most of us, it’s more than just a phone.

If you’ve been keeping up with me you know I consider the smart phone an integral part of my marketing, promotion and clientele retention. If you haven’t been keeping up, or need a refresher,  click here, and here, and become more acquainted with my views and ideas related to this topic.

So now you’re aware of the fact that I’m as addicted to my phone as everybody else (maybe more). But just like any other good thing, too much is not a good thing. Actually let’s focus on the wrong time to use it.

Some of these instances are obvious to us all. For example, the “loud talker”.  This guy, or gal, uses the phone in a public place, say a movie, or a barber shop waiting room, and talks so loud, that we all become distracted, or a part of their conversation.  They might be arguing with a significant other, or bloviating over money, women, cars, or something braggadocios that they “inadvertently” want us to know about.  Sometimes they’re just loud, and we all wish they’d step outside!  Is this you?  Well, sorry, but ahh…hey, ya might need to check yourself!

Now, this next issue is very familiar to Barbers. Customers, I know you’re always supposed to be right, but sometimes, like everybody else, your just not. Excessive phone conversations while we’re cutting your hair, “just aint right!”, and it’s bad for both of us. You’re talking can add to the length of the cut, and take away from it’s quality.  Sometimes the slightest movement, especially if you’re one of those animated talkers, can damage the outcome. Texting can be almost as bad. People don’t realize that the attention being given to their device can inadvertently force their head out of the position we need it to be in.

Now if you have to answer an important call, it’s perfectly understandable. I have no problem when a customer answers a business call, or an important personal one, I get it. But if you answer that phone and your conversation is going like: “yeaah son, she had the fat a**, I gotta hit that, you goin out later, man, you know what I,m sayin…”.  In the words of the great Mike Ditka, “STOP IT”.

Funny isn’t it? Barbers, stop laughing! You know, many of us can be the worse culprits. Customers, have you ever gotten your hair cut buy a Barber who is holding the phone with his head and shoulder, got home and your line was crooked as a criminal? How about the constant “phone break” Barber. or the “one hand cutter”.  We all have been guilty at one time or another. A bit of advice for Barbers, invest in a good bluetooth headset. Sometimes we have to take a call, and the hands free device allows you to do so, without messing up the flow. However, don’t let that be an excuse to over talk, and ignore your customers, especially at the beginning  consultation, or the end when you get their feed back.

We all love our phones, lets just practice proper  mobile phone etiquette!

Blog written by Dan Brown The Barber

I have a client who recently made his way back to Exodus Barber Shop after a hiatus, due to his relocation away from our general area. He explained to me that he came back because of the quality service he received from us, and that the bus ride was worth it.

The other day he asked me why some barbers “dry shave”, because he had a negative experience with a barber during his absence from Exodus Barber Shop. For the lay person, a “dry shave” is a razor shave that is performed with no moisturizing agent, such as shaving cream, gel, etc.  Honestly, I really didn’t have an answer for him that I could stand behind. I’ve talked to some barbers who employ this tactic on hair, and beard  lines to sharpen them and I had never heard any justification other than that.

The customer told me that it made no sense to him because it was uncomfortable, irritated his sensitive skin,  and the lines were not as sharp as mine anyway (Hey, what can I say!). So I set out to find out the some reasons for this practice. Ironically I realized that at times I use the tactic to sharpen up lines, but only after I’ve shaved them the normal way, and the skin has already been conditioned, but dried naturally. We barbers love those sharp lines (don’t you?)! I polled some tonsorial artists on various online forums.

On Facebook we have “The Barber society”, “Andis Clipper Education”, and “Barberlife 101”. There’s also an excellent forum on the Barber’s social networking site www.barberlife.com (not to be confused with the latter of the Facebook groups.) Note to barbers, and people interested in top quality barbering…don’t sleep on Social Networking Sites! Let me know about some others in the comment section if your aware of any I haven’t mentioned.

Back to subject. Most barbers I corresponded with dry shaved for the same purpose, to sharpen the line.  There’s also an “ash affect”. This is a powdery like line up against the edge of the hair, beard and mustache. Some of the barbers started the shave dry, while others did it just to finish.  Some, however, stated that they’d shave the entire face, and head dry, from start to finish.  One of the premier barbers in the country, Johnn Belt (owner of Premier Clipper company, and Majic Touch hair products) told me he has a particular customer, with sensitive skin, that he dry shaves, because that’s the only way he doesn’t break out. Johnn is adamant that to do this you need sharp blades, and a soft touch.

The beauty of our profession is that at times, there is no definitive right or wrong answer. There are so many variables such as the sensitivity of skin, thickness of hair, sharpness of blades, touch of the Barber etc.  I admit, I tackled this topic with a bit of a negative stance against the dry shave. Personally, besides finishing for that sharp line, I’m not doing it, because of the skin sensitivity issues. However, I’m not hating either. Lubrication helps protect the skin and softens the hair for easier removal. Those Barbers who choose to engage in the practice Dry Shaving must have an extremely high skill level. I will say this, amateurs…don’t try this at home.

Blog written by Dan Brown “The Barber”

I have three kids, two of which are boys. My oldest son is a grown man, and my youngest is a baby. Most people respond to this  by asking (or thinking) “What the hell were you thinking about?!” What do they know, I’m a happy man!

Now this age difference between my offspring gives me an advantage in raising my youngest child. It’s very rare that one has the opportunity to raise children to adulthood, and then be able to lean on that complete experience while bringing up another.

I’ve been cutting hair, well, forever. My children grew up in the Barber Shop, and my son is now a Barber at Exodus Barber Shop, the Best Barber Shop in Atlanta! Once my baby boy arrived, Daniel was adamant that he should spend time in the shop, and be brought up around “real man” situations.

I always thought my kids were bored to death in the shop (well my daughter was), and back then, I had no choice but to keep them with me at the job. Imagine my surprise when my son exclaimed how valuable the shop had been to his development as a boy, and a young man. You see the Barber Shop, especially in our community, is a place for men to be men.

In this day and age, it’s hard enough for fathers to get quality time in with their children, particularly their sons. In fact a recent study revealed that on average, men spend only 56 minutes a day with their children. We live in a society where we’re forced to spend more time away from our families, just to keep food on the table, and a roof over their heads. Kids spend the majority of their time in school, daycare , and in many cases the streets, because mom is working all day herself. Heck, today even grandma’s working all day, and doesn’t have to time to make those meals we used to love!  Plus we all know that many of these kids are raised in single parent homes, and that single parent is stressed out! No wonder so many of our kids are lost, as they increasingly find themselves turning to the media, strangers, other kids, and worst of all, the streets!

That’s why I advocate father’s taking their son’s to the barber shop. Now I know you’re thinking, “Of course you’d say that Dan, you own a shop!”  Ok, you got me there, and in the big picture the Barber Shop is just one way to spend time with your boy. For example, I worked a lot when my kids were growing up, so I made sure I took off Sundays, and that was my son’s and my day to play basketball. He’d play with all the grown ups, and it helped him

become a man. We continued this for years, untill he dunked on me and eventually became bored with the lack of compettition from the old folks!

Seriously, this isn’t just a plug for the shop, but a sincere expression of the need for us to put that special time in with our boys. Think of it this way, most people get their hair cut on a schedule, once every week or two. This is a time when you can look forward to getting away, just the fellas. The Barber Shop is just one example of how to get that time in.

This becomes even more important for father’s who don’t live with their sons. If at all possible, don’t let your kid’s mom take the them to the shop by herself. Trust me, 99% of them don’t want to go anyway!

If you’ve ever patronized  a traditional Barber Shop, you know that all kinds of topics are discussed, from Politics, to music, sports, etc.  These conversations present a wonderful opportunity for certain subjects to be introduced to, and discussed with your kids, especially  after your visit is over.  Admittedly,  the introduction of some of these subjects can be a bit uncomfortable (ie: women, relationships, SEX!), but it’s always better for us to be able to get ahead of these topics, rather than have them lean on other boys, who probably won’t know what their talking about anyway. Fortunately, at Exodus, the conversations are kept clean. Profanity is a “no-no” because we are, first and foremost, a business.

At the end of the day, it’s just healthy for us to be in “real man” situations with our boys. So come on down to the Barber Shop. Spend that quality time with your sons, and leave feeling, and looking like a million bucks!

Blog written by Dan Brown “The Barber”

I’ll start this off very simply, I LOVE SOCIAL NETWORKING! Why? As an entrepreneur I am constantly networking! I’ve often told the story of coming to Atlanta and starting my business from scratch. In 1997 every activity in my life involved meeting people and letting them know about the newly arrived Best Barber. Once Exodus Barber Shop was opened I introduced everyone I met to the Best Barber Shop in Atlanta. Back then it was all about business cards, and to this day I’m a testament to why business cards work. I never leave home without them!

Fast forward to the present…everybody’s on Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin etc. Every time I hear a Barber, or any form of entrepreneur exclaim (often in an arrogant fashion) that they don’t use Facebook, I can’t help but cringe. I know these sites get a bad rep, and of course they’re filled with silliness, but so is Television and most of us still watch. The difference, Social Networking Sites are FREE!

Facebook itself has close to 1 billion users!   Click on that last underlined sentence to read about that, and click here to check out some hard stats about social networking site usage. Let’s face it, some people might as well change their names to there twitter tags, I’m @danbrowncuts, we’re @exodusbarbers (shameless with the plugs!) Ohh yeah, www.facebook.com/dan brownthebarber.

Now some of you have banned yourself from these sites because of your own indiscretions. We’ve all heard the stories of the dude who played his self and got caught cheating because he was using facebook as a player’s playground. Well, sorry, but silly is as silly does. However, if you take the “Social” out of Social Networking, what are you left with?…NETWORKING!

Our shop is located in Stone Mountain, Georgia, but through Facebook I’ve gained regular customers from as far as Douglasville. Those familiar with the Atlanta metropolitan area know that that’s an hour long drive. When people see quality, they’ll travel to get it!

If you own a business, or are just someone who must market for themselves, and you’re currently user of one or more of these sites, what you do, should be the primary focus of your account. For barbers it’s as simple as posting pictures of your haircuts. Put a fresh cut in the news feed, and someone who needs a barber will notice. With so many of  us using smartphones its just too easy! Instagram(a social networking site based on pictures) allows you to edit photos and integrate them into other sites like Twitter and Facebook.

There are other benefits as well. Many beauty and barber professionals are on the Social Networking sites posting pictures and giving feedback to one another. Facebook also has several groups such as Barberlife 101, The Barber Society, and Andis Clipper Education to name a few.

In the past Barbers across the nation did not share their experiences, but now, largely because of these sites, we’re helping one another in many ways. These groups have forums where we can comment on each other’s work, and participate in discussions on how to deal with clients, owners, worker’s etc. These tools are invaluable, especially if you’re “up and coming”. However, failure to utilize these free gems might leave you “down and going (nowhere)”.!

If you don’t believe me, then ask yourself why every major company has a Facebook page?  From Wal-mart, to Whole Foods, to Democrats, to Republicans, if they want attention, there’s a page.  Exodus Barber Shop has a page. In fact, click on that “F”, check us out, and “like” us! (I never stop!)

Hey, I know your girl checked your page and caught you being careless. At the end of the day, if you can’t resist temptation, well, get used to failure.  I’m going to continue to use every free tool at my disposal. If you can’t understand that, you probably should stick to a 9 to 5, and leave “business” to the real businessmen and women. That’s just the way I see it.

Blog written by Dan Brown “The Barber”


You to need to get a Georgia Barber License to work as a professional barber, or transfer you’re license from another state. We’d like to help you get there.

Exodus Barber Shop is a community business that serves the entire community. Our constituency is made up of many cultures, and people who are from all over the country and even the world.

Our staff is no different. Many of our Barbers arrived in the Atlanta area to continue their careers immediately with the Exodus family. Thats why we’ve continued to be a landing spot of choice for many who migrate to Georgia.

If you’re a Barber wishing to bring your talents to Georgia from another state,   there are license requirements that must be met. Not every state shares reciprocity  with Georgia. For example, licensed  barbers from North Carolina can transfer their licenses over to Georgia, while those from New York must take the State Barber exam. Click here to learn what you need to know about Georgia licensing laws. This link will take you to the Georgia Board of Cosmetology and Barbers. When you reach the page click on FAQ in the top left hand corner which will in turn give you a list of frequently asked questions. Click on “What are Barber endorsement/ recioprocity requirements” to get specifics pertaining to licensee state to state reciprocity.

The Georgia the Barber Board  of Cosmetologists and Barbers actually refers to a state in which there is license reciprocity as one that enjoys endorsement. There are  however, eight states that fall into the category of non-endorsed, and these are: Alabama, California, The District of Columbia, Hawaii, Oklahoma, Nevada, New York,  Mississippi and Washington.

Generally if your transferring over from non-endorsed states you’ll be required to take the exam, or in some cases, complete more hours of education. Each case is evaluated individually, based on how long you’ve been licensed, your educational hours, and experience. If you are coming from one of the other 42 states, and your paperwork is in order, you should able to transfer you license right over.

For all official information regarding licensing requirements go to the Georgia Board of Cosmetologists and Barbers website. Here you’ll be able to find out about licensing, rules, regulations, board meetings, and many other things concerning the official capacity of our profession in the State of Georgia. You can also call them at  478-207-2440.

Blog written by Dan Brown “The Barber”


Just the other day this kid asked me was I Jamaican, and I replied no. He countered with, “Then why did you name the shop Exodus, and why did you use those colors?” I get this question all the time, so let me break it down.

The Best Barber Shop in Atlanta was actually founded in 1998 in Stone Mountain,Ga. I had relocated from Buffalo,NY, to the Atlanta area just a year prior. One thing that became very obvious, especially in Stone Mountain, was that most of the people we provided service for, and worked with were from somewhere other than Atlanta. To add to this, the majority of us were recent arrivals.

I thought hard for a name. I didn’t wish to name the shop after myself, because I wanted everyone to feel as if it was their shop as well. Yes I’m the one who pays the bills, but this was to be a shop where each individual pulled his own weight. I wanted all the Barber/Stylists to think of, and conduct themselves as entrepreneurs with a stake in the company. So “Dan’s Barber Shop” was out!

Next I thought, “Hey we’re in Stone Mountain, why not call the shop ‘Mountain Top Barber Shop’?” Needless to say I was crazily ridiculed for that one.

Now at the time I was working in a small Salon temporarily while the shop was being renovated. I’d worked in another shop for a year and it had been a major struggle, but through faith, perseverance, hard work, consistency, and budget friendly marketing/hustling I managed to put together a steady clientele. I worked and was best friends with another brother, Carol “Junior” Levy.

Now when I say we struggled, that’s not just lip service! Now check this out. Everybody knows Christmas is a big money time for Barbers. That first Christmas eve we just knew we’d “come up” a little bit…WRONG!!! At the end of the night we’d only made enough to hit the liquor store and split a half-pint of Hennessy..MERRY CHRISTMAS!

OK, I have no money for gifts. Fortunately the incomparable Mrs. Brown (My Mom), had flown up with my two young children to visit. She blessed me with $200 for Christmas. I turned around and took my kids on a $100 a piece mini shopping spree at Toys-R-Us. Thank God for my Mamma!!!

All right, so I was “broke as hell”, so much so that I often went without electricity, cable, gas etc. I took to reading the Bible…from the beginning. The second book tells of the people, who came out of slavery in Egypt to travel to the promised land, the EXODUS. Here we were in Atlanta, surrounded by, and part of a large group who had traveled in mass to find a better life. To add to this I am a huge Bob Marley fan, “EXODUS, MOVEMENT OF JAH PEOPLE!” It became a “no brainer” the name would be Exodus Barber Shop.

Next was a logo. To this I turned to my incredibly talented friend Junior. I wanted the shop to the have an African representation, so the colors became Red (for the blood of the people), yellow(for the gold stolen from the land), and green (for the land from whence we came). With that being said I wanted all people and cultures to feel welcomed. After several sketches, Junior came up with the Exodus logo we have today. The only adjustment made was by the gentlemen who painted the logo on our window (Couldn’t afford a sign!). The original logo featured the red, yellow, and green vertically striped and somewhat blended together. The gentleman, whose name I don’t recall but was from the Island nation of Trinidad, painted the logo with solid horizontal stripes, hence giving it the look it has today.

We opened up in August of 1998, with 3 chairs, and 2 barbers…me and Junior. All these years later, Exodus is welcoming and comfortable for everyone, just as Bob would have wanted. One Love!

Blog written by Dan Brown “The Barber”