How do you cut locs after 14 years of growth? Like Nike, Just Do It! Why did I do it? It was time!

Now  I must admit that Locs for me was more than just a hair style. I actually started growing my hair in large part due to reoccurring dreams. My hair quickly became a way of life. When to wash my hair, swimming, whether or not people would be smoking in a place I planned on going where decisions I had to make, that weren’t a part of my life years ago.

Don’t get me wrong, I loved my locs, but it had become a burden. Cutting my hair actually felt as if I had freed myself from a self-imposed prison, and the feeling was, and still is, great!

Now for those of you who don’t know, the meaning behind dreadlocs is tied to biblical times. Many are of aware of Rastafari and that was our introduction to dreads. Many of us don’t know that locks are derived from the Nazirite Vow or Oath. In the Hebrew Bible, Nazirite Refers to one who voluntarily took a vow in the spirit of abstaining intoxicating substances such as wine, and allowing ones hair to grow for a period of time. (click here for more)

Lets make it clear, I AM NOT A RASTA, but I was educated and respectful of the practice. If you’d like to learn more about Dreads and the Rasta, please click here.

Well the hair is gone, but I’m still here, and “aint goin nowhere!” Take it easy!


Written by Dan Brown the Barber

Dan Brown the Barber gets a cut!

Hair cut by Dan brown the Barber best barbers in AtlantaThe art of barbering, or any craft of significance for that matter, generally coincides with one’s love for it. For the BEST BARBERS this may be referred to as BARBER LOVELove is an often used word but misdiagnosed condition. In this case love is not so much of an emotion but a state of mind. 

The emotional love that you felt when your heart fluttered, your eyes got wide, and all you wanted to do was be with that “special someone”, can also be associated with a lack of control. That’s kid love, puppy love. Although this love is fun and exciting, more times than not, it cannot sustain itself alone, and soon will pass.

Fade Hair Cut  by Ray at Exodus Barber Shop Being an outstanding Tonsorial Professional (Barber!), involves exhibiting a mature, grown up type of love. This is more similar to the love of a parent, or a spouse. This is the love that wakes you in the morning to cart your children to football, soccer or baseball practice. The love that keeps you up at night holding a sick child that will more than likely make you sick as well. The love that encourages you to sacrifice and save your dollars to pay for that cruise so you and your wife can experience that much deserved getaway. 

For this love, you know and expect that you will have to put in work!  If you feel no empathy for any of the above statements, maybe you don’t know what real love is…but I drift. 

Of course I’m not inferring that emotions aren’t involved with this mature love, but that there is a responsibility attached to it. This feeling of responsibility motivates  you to be outstanding…even when you don’t feelBarber Love Alex Campbell and Wane trade haircuts like it!

The grown up love, is the love that you want your Barber to have. It’s why we spend our money on the best tools, and pay to keep them regularly maintained. Its why we’re always on the look out for new cutting edge techniques, products, and equipment. It’s why we attend hair shows, and keep up with the current trends and styles through social media. It’s why we can greet you with a smile, even though there is soreness in our feet, or pain in our back.  It’s also why each one of us wants to be a better Barber, than the next Barber. The Best Barbers feel that they are “The Best Barber!”

Razor Shave at Exodus Barber Shop by ShelleyWanting to be the best, healthy competition amongst ourselves, it keeps us sharp…and keeps you looking good! This goes to the heart of our Pride

When you go out into the world with a hair cut from me, you represent and advertise my work, a walking billboard of sorts. Not too many individuals have jobs that can say that. But then again, the best barber doesn’t  have a job, he or she, is a business!

People who cut hair for a living, but don’t go through these thought processes, well, those are more than likely just hair cutters, not Barbers. They lack the mind set…they don’t have the love!

So brothers and sisters, the next time you’re ready to get your head right, don’t just “get a cut”, come get you some REAL BARBER LOVE!!! 

Razor Shave at Best Barbershop in Atlanta by Q the BarberExodus Barbers at WorkBig Kev at Exodus Barber Shop Best barbers in atlantaJunyah Levy Barber at Exodus Barber shop Best Barbers in atlanta Tra' at Exodus the Best Barbershop in Atlanta


Article written by

Dan Brown The Barber


Recently while attending the Xotics Barber’s Roundtable dinner , I had an interesting conversation with a talented young Barber from South Carolina, Rufus Watson. Mr. Watson told me that in the early stages of his career he concentrated on fades and sharp lines.  As a veteran in this industry, I told him that I thought that was an excellent approach, and upon checking out his work on Facebook, the approach worked!Fade hair cut by Dan Brown the Barber

The fade is a staple haircut in this business. Think about it, has it ever been out of style? It’s timeless. It’s one of the few things in life that can be considered cool and professional, a hair cut that can be seen in the boardroom and a rap video as well.

When I started cutting hair in my basement back in 19..,,(well don’t worry about that), I put extra effort in perfecting a clean fade. I used to wear a slope cut, with a long curve diagonal part, and a fade. When I got to college people asked who my barber was, and once they learned that I was the one with the fade skills, most became customers.

A fade is a versatile haircut, which cuts across all demographics. There are Bald Fades, Light Fades, High Fades, Low Fades, Temple Fades, Mohawk Fades, South of France Fades, Burst Fades, Spear Fades, etc…(I feel like Bubba Gump!)Fade hair cut at Exodus Barber Shop

So if your Barber isn’t providing with that clean fade , you might want to make a switch. If you’re in the Atlanta metro area, take a drive over to Exodus Barber Shop in Stone Mountain,  and get faded!




Article written by Dan Brown the Barber


Fade by Dan Brown the BarberSouth of France Fade haircut by Wane at ExodusSouth Fade by Dan Brown the BarberBelafonte' fade hair cut by Dan Brown the BarberLow Bald fade by Dan Brown the BarberFade hair cut on straight hair by dan brown the Barber



At Exodus we take pride in being the Best Barbershop in Atlanta, DeKalb county and the entire metropolitan area because our Barbers provide clients with top quality Hair Cuts. . We are a traditional Barber Shop in the sense that we have real barbers, in a real community, and engage in real conversation. Exodus is a Barber Shop of adults and keeps an atmosphere of respect. We believe our people should feel comfortable sending their children to the shop with their grandmother, and not worry about disrespectful, and obscene behavior. That being said, it all comes back to the hair cuts. We’re not a shop where everyone’s waiting around for just one or two barbers…every one is good.


Best Barber shop in atlanta hair cut by Dan brown at Exodus Barber ShopBest Haircuts in Atlanta, Exodus Barber Shop, comb overBest Barbershop in Atlanta, sharp line,







Best Barbershop in Atlanta, 360 waves

Afro Hair cut at Exodus Barber Shop

PBigen Dye by Shelley at Exodus Barber Shop







blend fade hair cut by Dan Brown The Barberbigen beard at the best barbershop in atlantaHigh top fade at exodus barber shop







Long hair to fade before afterBeard, shave, best barbershop Kids hair cut







fade on straight hair by Dan Brown The Barber at Exodus Temple fade sharp line haircut at Exodus Barber ShopSouth of France haircut before and after








woman's short natural hair style Father and Son at Exodus Barber Shop

We’re living in a great time for hair cuts! Why? Because anything goes right now! If you pay attention you’ll realize that you can rock pretty much any style, and your Shumpert Box Hair Cut, High Top Fadeok. Just turn on the the TV. I’m watching an NBA game right now and I’m seeing, box cuts, fades, caesers, Mohawks,waves,  baldies, and some things I can’t even describe!


Now the danger in this is that you can become the victim of experimentation by a novice! Of course that won’t happen with a real barber, and that’s what we advocate…Real Barbering!

Hair Cuts at Exodus

Big Daddy Kane Box Hair Cut

At Exodus Barber Shop, and real Barber Shops around the world, the true art of our beautiful trade is being practiced everyday. Unfortunately many heads are falling victim to just that… practice…I’m “talkin bout practice”( in my Allen Iverson voice)! In fact some of these NBA dudes are getting practiced on and sent out to the playoffs!

South of France, Usher's Hair Cut

If your a creative person you can use your haircut as an extension of that creativity with the help of your friendly neighborhood tonsorial artist. Don’t worry regular folks,  the conservative look never goes out of style.  In fact , to my dismay, many young people are refusing to cut their hair at all. Hey Kid…Get A Cut!!!


Dan Brown the BarberArticle written by Dan Brown The Barber




One of   the latest trends in hairstyles is the “South Of France” haircut made famous by Usher Raymond. Barely a day goes by at the Barber Shop without someone asking me for that “Usher Cut”.

I love this style because one of my good usher-haircutfriends, and business partners, Curtis Smith created this cut just for Usher prior to the release of the multi-platinum album “Looking 4 Myself”. Fortunately Curtis taught me the style before most people knew what it was, and I was able to keep my clients ahead of the curve.

Usher Haircut by Dan Brown the BarberFor some people a haircut is a haircut, but for many it’s much more. Have you ever seen a person with expensive looking clothes, shoes, and even a nice car…but a jacked up cut? It makes them look like a lame money spender. On the other hand, another individual may be casual yet clean and that nice haircut makes them look , not just cooler, but more intelligent…think about it. Good haircuts play an intricate part in how an individual is viewed by other people.

Lets get back to the “South of France” Haircut. Curtis Explained to me that while he was in the South of France, traveling with Diddy (Smith also serves as his personal Barber) he saw some people over there with this original hairstyle. He told me he knew that he would bring it home, but he had to wait for the right time, and the right person to bring it out. Fast forward to 2012 and Usher fit the bill. Now everyone wants that haircut. As a top celebrity, setting fashion and style trends is very important, and that’s why people like Usher pay top dollar to keep creative people on their staff, to help them stay relevant.

This is why I attend hair shows and barber battles, travel, network, and am a member of the world’s premier Barber team, Team Xotics. I’ve been at it for over south of france "usher haircut" by Dan Brown the Barber25 years, including the ownership of my shop since 1998. I want to keep my customer’s at the forefront of style, not just following it. At Exodus we strive to keep our people looking and feeling like celebrities, without having to spend like them.

Styles come and go, but keeping up with and even ahead of the trends, is how we keep our clients fresh…and relevant!

Article written by Dan Brown “The Barber”





South of france haircut by Wane at Exodus Barber ShopSouth of France Fade haircut by Wane at ExodusSOUTH OF FRANCE HAIRCUT, BEST BARBERSHOP IN ATLANTA, DAN BROWN THE BARBERSouth of France Haircut by Dan Brown the Barber at Exodus Barber ShopSouth of France Hair cut

SOUTH OF FRANCE HAIRCUT BEST BARBERSHOP IN ATLANTA DAN BROWN THE BARBERSouth of France Haircut by Q at The Best Barberhop in AtlantaUsher, South of France Hair Cut by Wane Wonder at ExodusUsher's, South of France Hair Cut by Dan Brown the Barber at Exodus

Its back to school time at Exodus Barber Shop, and we love the kids. This is a busy time for us, and it’s a great clientele  building opportunity for new, or newly relocated Barbers. I moved to Atlanta in 1997 and I timed the move to coincide with the week before school started. I must say, that was brilliant! When a shop is packed with kids their parents are more likely to try a barber they’re not familiar with, and if you do a good job on their child, you may find yourself cutting the dad next.

The Atlanta area is full of transplants from other cities(and different countries), so Exodus caters to the newly arrived customers and is a great landing spot for barbers. This concept,however, is not just limited to barbers relocating to different cities, but can be effective when simply changing shops. It also holds true for other high traffic times such as Christmas, Easter, Graduation,etc. Now like I said, we love the kids, and ” I aint scared of no babies”!

Cutting a baby’s hair, especially a first cut ,can lead to life long clients. I have a method for my “brand new clients”,  it’s not rocket science…treat them like YOUR children. Talk to them, make it a game, make them laugh, make faces, make noises, but try not to get frustrated when they cry. I try my best to sit the baby on the booster seat rather than on the parents lap, they’ll have to do it eventually. Encourage them, clap when they sit still,”yea, that’s a big boy”! Ohh yeah, DON’T TRY AND DO TOO MUCH! Babies don’t need shape ups. Their hairlines need to develop, plus they probably won’t sit still. I know the customer’s always right, but the Barber is the expert. Some moms get a little over zealous and want their babies to have these grown up little cuts, that in many cases are impossible to do. Let them know in your professional opinion what you think would be best for their child.

Some barbers like to give candy to kids, and if the parent allows it thats cool. I personally don’t like people offering my kid candy so I don’t do it. I’m not a believer of bribing kids with sugar, it’s the drug of choice for preschoolers! I just gave you some sound advice, but at the end of the day, some babies will be out of control! When this happens…suck it up and do your job! Once you have a good clientele  you can direct the babies to the new guy! Take it easy good people.

Blog written by Dan Brown “The Barber”

Exodus Barber Shop is a full service shop that accepts walk ins, so customers come on in! Now for those of you who don’t like to wait, we encourage you to make an appointment, because we know how important your time is. This article however is not directed at you. I’d like to talk to the Barbers.

I encourage Barbers to schedule appointments as it is a good way to build solid clientele and take control of your own time. Making a career out of this profession starts with clientele building, with the key word being career!  As barbers we often get caught up in the hustle of the business. Now don’t get me wrong, you have to have that hustle to establish yourself and those without it often fall behind. However, having hustle and being a hustler are not the same thing, and a  professional Barber is NOT a hustler. As the owner of a shop I choose to only hire full time, dedicated barbers. There are many aspects that qualify an individual to fit into this category but here I’m focusing on clientele building with a focus on appointments.

Many barbers are apprehensive about appointments because they don’t believe their customers will adhere to them. I had the same reservations. I was a stay in the shop all day all night barber who had no control of my own time, and to be honest when I switched over I lost some folks, but that was short term, and we REAL BARBERS are in it for the long haul. How many of us have been ready to leave on a Saturday evening only to get that last minute dude who, once he gets in the chair, you realize he probably was at the mall or smoking weed all day. Yes he’s inconsiderate…because you let him. At a young age I figured out if you let somebody punk you off you will continue to get punked! Stop being a punk ass barber! We understand that reasoning, don’t we?

I’m not advocating a rude awakening type of transition because we are, after all, businessmen and women. Fortunately most of us possess the key to our Barber Freedom…a mobile phone. Even the simplest of phones have contact lists, and you probably have some sort of smart phone. Always exchange contact info with your customers. If they don’t want to do it they probably didn’t like the cut and that’s another lesson. Your phone should have a calendar…use it. Now I generally book half hour appointments, some do an hour , others 45 minutes. Once you establish your clients needs you can schedule according to those needs.

Now comes discipline. If you have a 2pm appointment, don’t take a 1:52 walk in. Over time you’ll realize who the dependable clients are. Trust me the dependable clients will love you for it and will reward you with their loyalty. Now the most important aspect of this equation is your dependability…be on time, and be there for your appointments. Consistency and dependability are as much a part of your success as good haircuts. In order for this concept to work one must exercise patience and stay the course.

This is not for the hustler, it’s for the career barber. Professional career barbers work for clients, and appointments are an important aspect of turning customers into clients. Well that’s it for now. If you have any questions feel free to contact me, my info is on our website on the Staff page. I’ll be teaching a class at the 2012 Fall World Natural Hair, Health, and Beauty Show October 6th and 7th, in Atlanta. Visit for more info. Of course you can catch me at Exodus Barber Shop whenever your in the Atlanta area.

Blog written by Dan Brown “The Barber”