Natural Hair

Whats up Beautiful people. This is Dan Brown “The Barber” owner of Exodus Barber Shop, and creator of EXODUSBARBERSHOP.COM. This site will be a little different than other hair orientated sites because I’ll be blogging and you never know what I might talk about. I figure you don’t just get more out od a barbershop than haircuts, so you’ll get more out of this site. I just got my locs interlocked by the incomparable Key Glover. Now she doesn’t work for us but she is immensely talented and we spread love throughout this industry! Check her out at This is her work! Now for those of you who don’t know, interlocking is a process that puts a “knot” at the base of the each loc when they’re maintained. This works for me because it lasts longer and allows my hair to hold up better under the stresses of washing. I work out frequently and wash my hair on a regular basis. This method is also advantageous because I have a softer grade of hair. Ironically what we traditionally referred to as “good hair” is actually the opposite when it comes to locs. Until next time, take it easy and GIDDACUTT!