I’m not old, but I’m not that young either. So I remember when a cell phone was not a staple in our every day lives. Now, let’s make this perfectly clear. I’m pretty much attached to my mobile device, and for me, like most of us, it’s more than just a phone.

If you’ve been keeping up with me you know I consider the smart phone an integral part of my marketing, promotion and clientele retention. If you haven’t been keeping up, or need a refresher,  click here, and here, and become more acquainted with my views and ideas related to this topic.

So now you’re aware of the fact that I’m as addicted to my phone as everybody else (maybe more). But just like any other good thing, too much is not a good thing. Actually let’s focus on the wrong time to use it.

Some of these instances are obvious to us all. For example, the “loud talker”.  This guy, or gal, uses the phone in a public place, say a movie, or a barber shop waiting room, and talks so loud, that we all become distracted, or a part of their conversation.  They might be arguing with a significant other, or bloviating over money, women, cars, or something braggadocios that they “inadvertently” want us to know about.  Sometimes they’re just loud, and we all wish they’d step outside!  Is this you?  Well, sorry, but ahh…hey, ya might need to check yourself!

Now, this next issue is very familiar to Barbers. Customers, I know you’re always supposed to be right, but sometimes, like everybody else, your just not. Excessive phone conversations while we’re cutting your hair, “just aint right!”, and it’s bad for both of us. You’re talking can add to the length of the cut, and take away from it’s quality.  Sometimes the slightest movement, especially if you’re one of those animated talkers, can damage the outcome. Texting can be almost as bad. People don’t realize that the attention being given to their device can inadvertently force their head out of the position we need it to be in.

Now if you have to answer an important call, it’s perfectly understandable. I have no problem when a customer answers a business call, or an important personal one, I get it. But if you answer that phone and your conversation is going like: “yeaah son, she had the fat a**, I gotta hit that, you goin out later, man, you know what I,m sayin…”.  In the words of the great Mike Ditka, “STOP IT”.

Funny isn’t it? Barbers, stop laughing! You know, many of us can be the worse culprits. Customers, have you ever gotten your hair cut buy a Barber who is holding the phone with his head and shoulder, got home and your line was crooked as a criminal? How about the constant “phone break” Barber. or the “one hand cutter”.  We all have been guilty at one time or another. A bit of advice for Barbers, invest in a good bluetooth headset. Sometimes we have to take a call, and the hands free device allows you to do so, without messing up the flow. However, don’t let that be an excuse to over talk, and ignore your customers, especially at the beginning  consultation, or the end when you get their feed back.

We all love our phones, lets just practice proper  mobile phone etiquette!

Blog written by Dan Brown The Barber

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