I had an excellent conversation with another Barber. My brother in the “Barber Life”, Damon “NY The Barber” Redding, owns Pro Style Barber Shop just outside New Orleans, Louisiana.

Like me, Damon has been cutting hair most of his life. Unlike me he’s a Barber Instructor, and brings a certain amount of structure to the craft. What I mean is, he’s able to describe certain barbering techniques that I know how to do, but would have been able to visualize even if I didn’t. He actually explained to me how the natural movement of our wrist allows us to edge the side curve of the hair line over the temple easier on the right side than the the left. I actually went about my next haircut with a different outlook. Thanks Damon! I’d like to learn to teach in such a manner because I believe it will help me train Barbers to reach the skill level they need to be successful at Exodus Barber Shop, The Best Barber Shop in Atlanta.

Now to many Barbers this type of dialogue is as foreign as a Siberian goat herder (I don’t even know of they exist)! Many of us don’t look to each other for guidance, knowledge, or to just bounce ideas off of. I’m of the mind state that wherever or whomever I can learn from, I’m there. Knowledge is power, and money.

Too many Barbers don’t take this beautiful profession serious enough to expand their boundaries. Unfortunately many established hair cutters treat hair shows as just shows, social events to show off their skills, and have fun. Don’t get me wrong, have a good time and flex. Just don’t miss out on a chance to learn from a collection of highly skilled peers in your industry. These events should be treated as business conferences as well, with a great deal of focus given to the networking and educational opportunities they present. Education is the key to expanding our skill sets and clientele bases. You’re never too old to grow, and too experienced to learn.

Perhaps not enough is demanded of Barbers educationally. For instance, Cosmetologists in the state of Georgia are required to complete continuing education hours. (Click here to learn more about Georgia licensing requirements.) This is true for other professions such as Real Estate Agents, but there’s no such requirement for Barbers. Should there be? Some states such as Iowa already have such stipulations. Click here for details. In my opinion, as long as the education is real, and not just a front for the state to grab extra money, I’m all for it. Sometimes people must be force fed what they really need!

If you’re a Barber, or any type of skilled professional, take every opportunity to better yourself and you’ll find your income ceiling rise and quite possibly disappear. If you’re a customer, try to gravitate towards, and support the type of businesses, and business people who are on a constant quest to broaden their horizons. High expectations lead to high quality results.

Knowledge is everywhere. One can educate his or herself through school, books,media, trade shows, the Internet, etc. The multitude of available learning sources hold the keys to our expansion. If you need to know something, Google it! There’s a wealth of knowledge in the form of YouTube videos, blog articles, social network forums, and much more. (click here for more info) Basically, there’s no excuse for ignorance. We are all on a journey, and I don’t know about you, but I’m just getting started!

Blog Article written by Dan Brown “The Barber”

5 Responses to Never stop learning, continuing education makes the best barber!

  • Damon Nydabarber Redding says:

    Barber Respect Dan, it was a pleasure conversing with you about this profession of ours and the direction it needs to be taken. Each one teach one is the rule I live by…..the rule of progression. I appreciate the real Barber Love you’ve displayed for all Barber’s with the jewels you’ve dropped in this article. Hopefully your words will touch the passion in those whom have become fixed in the now….when they need to be looking towards tomorrow.# Barber Respect fam…and hopefully the Respect My Craft movement will bring enlightment to this profession of ours.

  • Once again you have proven that no man is an island and that we all can learn from each other. Another reason why I love being a Barber.

    • exodusbarbershop says:

      Thank you Eric. I’m excited to see people like you entering the profession with such a positive attitude, it’s what we need!

  • Carol" Junior"Levy says:

    Blessed Love to the Exodus Crew past and present. You represent the craft well and set a marked standard for us all to reach both in personal persuit and taking a dream from personal meanderings to manifest reality. Live Well. One love to the Family!!!! Shalom

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