Greetings good people. I’m coming off  a big Hair Show weekend in Atlanta. If you don’t already know, the Bronner Brothers is the preeminent Black Hair Show in the country, attracting upwards of 100,000 participants. I did notice that the crowds were not as thick as usual, but there was no lack of activity. Exodus Barber Shop was well represented as Dan Brown”the Barber” (me!) was a platform artist with the Xotics Natural Hair and Skin Care Company.  The Xotics stage also featured the likes of Curtis Smith, founder of Xotics products and Barber to Usher, Diddy and many other noteworthy A-List celebrities. Along with Curtis, and Dan, were DC Conley (vice president), Jessie Lima, Christina Goree, Kelan Bilal, and many other Team Xotics Barber Stars! We got busy on that stage, but the highlight of my weekend was the The Barber’s Roundtable at Mingles restaurant and nightclub. This semi-annual event, hosted by Curtis Smith and Xotics, gives Barbers from around the country a place to network, and hear exciting highly motivated speakers in their industry. This summer’s event featured: Christina Goree the dynamic platform artists and educator for the Wahl Clipper Company, who is also a world traveling Celebrity stylist; Nuri West, a founding partner of Major League Barbers, a team of talented barbers who travel the world representing the Barber profession; Lee Resnick, founder of , one of the industry’s premier Social Networking websites; Tim Shelton creator of the Pro Grip Clipper cover;  Tone McGill a platform artist and educator for Andis Clipper Company. Now everyone on the stage was impressive, but I was actually in awe of Mary Jenkins founder of Christians Overcoming Cancer, an organization that is dedicated to helping cancer patients handle their expenses as they face the horrible disease. Amazingly the organization dedicates 90% of every dollar made to cancer patients, and Mary, who is a cancer srvivor herself doesn’t take a dime! I call her a modern day Hero!  Now I was also blown away by the first speaker Floyd Kenyatta. Mr Kenyatta is one of the most powerful voices in our industry. He is the founder of the Black Hair Olympics team, Chairman of the US Council of Black Salon Owners, and President of New Age Distributors. Kenyatta is “Global Ambassador” for Paul Mitchell Hair Systems, who actually does business out of China which has respectfully yet playfully led to people he works with in the worlds most populous nation to refer to him as “Blackanese”! Refreshingly this Global Icon has made himself available to all of us in the industry who take it seriously. On top all this Kenyatta is a hair product innovator, check him out at  After all of this we still got it in as I toasted it up with Curtis Smith, Lamar Watkins and the Rest of my Team Xotics bretheren. I’m still recovering as I write this!

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