We’re living in a great time for hair cuts! Why? Because anything goes right now! If you pay attention you’ll realize that you can rock pretty much any style, and your Shumpert Box Hair Cut, High Top Fadeok. Just turn on the the TV. I’m watching an NBA game right now and I’m seeing, box cuts, fades, caesers, Mohawks,waves,  baldies, and some things I can’t even describe!


Now the danger in this is that you can become the victim of experimentation by a novice! Of course that won’t happen with a real barber, and that’s what we advocate…Real Barbering!

Hair Cuts at Exodus

Big Daddy Kane Box Hair Cut

At Exodus Barber Shop, and real Barber Shops around the world, the true art of our beautiful trade is being practiced everyday. Unfortunately many heads are falling victim to just that… practice…I’m “talkin bout practice”( in my Allen Iverson voice)! In fact some of these NBA dudes are getting practiced on and sent out to the playoffs!

South of France, Usher's Hair Cut

If your a creative person you can use your haircut as an extension of that creativity with the help of your friendly neighborhood tonsorial artist. Don’t worry regular folks,  the conservative look never goes out of style.  In fact , to my dismay, many young people are refusing to cut their hair at all. Hey Kid…Get A Cut!!!


Dan Brown the BarberArticle written by Dan Brown The Barber

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