Recently while attending the Xotics Barber’s Roundtable dinner , I had an interesting conversation with a talented young Barber from South Carolina, Rufus Watson. Mr. Watson told me that in the early stages of his career he concentrated on fades and sharp lines.  As a veteran in this industry, I told him that I thought that was an excellent approach, and upon checking out his work on Facebook, the approach worked!Fade hair cut by Dan Brown the Barber

The fade is a staple haircut in this business. Think about it, has it ever been out of style? It’s timeless. It’s one of the few things in life that can be considered cool and professional, a hair cut that can be seen in the boardroom and a rap video as well.

When I started cutting hair in my basement back in 19..,,(well don’t worry about that), I put extra effort in perfecting a clean fade. I used to wear a slope cut, with a long curve diagonal part, and a fade. When I got to college people asked who my barber was, and once they learned that I was the one with the fade skills, most became customers.

A fade is a versatile haircut, which cuts across all demographics. There are Bald Fades, Light Fades, High Fades, Low Fades, Temple Fades, Mohawk Fades, South of France Fades, Burst Fades, Spear Fades, etc…(I feel like Bubba Gump!)Fade hair cut at Exodus Barber Shop

So if your Barber isn’t providing with that clean fade , you might want to make a switch. If you’re in the Atlanta metro area, take a drive over to Exodus Barber Shop in Stone Mountain,  and get faded!




Article written by Dan Brown the Barber


Fade by Dan Brown the BarberSouth of France Fade haircut by Wane at ExodusSouth Fade by Dan Brown the BarberBelafonte' fade hair cut by Dan Brown the BarberLow Bald fade by Dan Brown the BarberFade hair cut on straight hair by dan brown the Barber

4 Responses to The Fade is a Timeless Hair Cut!

  • Nolan says:

    Most definitely THE best haircrafters in Atlanta. Period. I respect Dan as much for his knowledge, professionalism, & willingness to educate as I do his artistry.

  • Michael Elam says:

    Could you list all the different types of fades? I’m 27 and I want to experiment with each type and find which one is right for me. I live in Texas so the terms should be the same as Georgia. Thanks!

    • That”s a good question Michael, but you’d be surprised how much terms vary according to region. In Atlanta, there are a lot of transplants, for instance I’m originally from Buffalo, NY. I actuallynamed the business Exodus Barber Shop because so many people had migrated here from all over the country, (and the world around for that matter) at the same time, it was like an Exodus (click here to learn more). With that being said I’ll do the best I can.
      I classify fades in two categories: skin or light. The skin fade goes to the skin and is also called a bald fade. The light fade on the other hand is not bald and can be edged up so you can see a sharp line-up around the perimeter of the haircut. Each fade can be broken down: high, low and mid. The high being military style, the mid is halfway up, while the low is closer to the bottom and a pronounce line-up can be put on the the points and the beginning of the temple curve.
      There are other examples: temp fades fade at the temple, and south of France or burst fades fade over the ear area. There are also different variations on fades, some being more gradual than others (No bowl cuts allowed!).
      I hope that helped a little. Thank you for contacting us, and good luck with your fade game!

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