I’ll start this off very simply, I LOVE SOCIAL NETWORKING! Why? As an entrepreneur I am constantly networking! I’ve often told the story of coming to Atlanta and starting my business from scratch. In 1997 every activity in my life involved meeting people and letting them know about the newly arrived Best Barber. Once Exodus Barber Shop was opened I introduced everyone I met to the Best Barber Shop in Atlanta. Back then it was all about business cards, and to this day I’m a testament to why business cards work. I never leave home without them!

Fast forward to the present…everybody’s on Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin etc. Every time I hear a Barber, or any form of entrepreneur exclaim (often in an arrogant fashion) that they don’t use Facebook, I can’t help but cringe. I know these sites get a bad rep, and of course they’re filled with silliness, but so is Television and most of us still watch. The difference, Social Networking Sites are FREE!

Facebook itself has close to 1 billion users!   Click on that last underlined sentence to read about that, and click here to check out some hard stats about social networking site usage. Let’s face it, some people might as well change their names to there twitter tags, I’m @danbrowncuts, we’re @exodusbarbers (shameless with the plugs!) Ohh yeah, www.facebook.com/dan brownthebarber.

Now some of you have banned yourself from these sites because of your own indiscretions. We’ve all heard the stories of the dude who played his self and got caught cheating because he was using facebook as a player’s playground. Well, sorry, but silly is as silly does. However, if you take the “Social” out of Social Networking, what are you left with?…NETWORKING!

Our shop is located in Stone Mountain, Georgia, but through Facebook I’ve gained regular customers from as far as Douglasville. Those familiar with the Atlanta metropolitan area know that that’s an hour long drive. When people see quality, they’ll travel to get it!

If you own a business, or are just someone who must market for themselves, and you’re currently user of one or more of these sites, what you do, should be the primary focus of your account. For barbers it’s as simple as posting pictures of your haircuts. Put a fresh cut in the news feed, and someone who needs a barber will notice. With so many of  us using smartphones its just too easy! Instagram(a social networking site based on pictures) allows you to edit photos and integrate them into other sites like Twitter and Facebook.

There are other benefits as well. Many beauty and barber professionals are on the Social Networking sites posting pictures and giving feedback to one another. Facebook also has several groups such as Barberlife 101, The Barber Society, and Andis Clipper Education to name a few.

In the past Barbers across the nation did not share their experiences, but now, largely because of these sites, we’re helping one another in many ways. These groups have forums where we can comment on each other’s work, and participate in discussions on how to deal with clients, owners, worker’s etc. These tools are invaluable, especially if you’re “up and coming”. However, failure to utilize these free gems might leave you “down and going (nowhere)”.!

If you don’t believe me, then ask yourself why every major company has a Facebook page?  From Wal-mart, to Whole Foods, to Democrats, to Republicans, if they want attention, there’s a page.  Exodus Barber Shop has a page. In fact, click on that “F”, check us out, and “like” us! (I never stop!)

Hey, I know your girl checked your page and caught you being careless. At the end of the day, if you can’t resist temptation, well, get used to failure.  I’m going to continue to use every free tool at my disposal. If you can’t understand that, you probably should stick to a 9 to 5, and leave “business” to the real businessmen and women. That’s just the way I see it.

Blog written by Dan Brown “The Barber”


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