THE BARBERLIFE MIX CD  is hip-hop music performed by DAN BROWN “THE BARBER”, and mixed by DJ JAMAD, of AFROMENTALS fame.  This CD was put together to promote ALEX CAMPBELL’S  BARBERLIFE.COM, a social networking site for barbers in support of the barber movement.  It features skillful MCing from the viewpoint of your friendly neighborhood barber star.

ALEX CAMPBELL is the creator of the world renowned  ALEXCCAMPBELL.COM . The website was created to facilitate some of the best “HOW TO CUT HAIR” DVD’ s on the market, and dedicated to the enrichment of the barber community as a whole. Dot Com (as we call Mr. Campbell) not only encouraged me to use my love of hip-hop to represent our amazing profession, he  also inspired me to build this site, and become an internet marketer/blogger. The BARBERLIFE Mix Cd is what I call a “Classic Mix” in that DJ JAMAD exhibits immaculate DJ-ing techniques, without “cussin ya ass out” throughout the project. BARBERLIFE also features the underground lyrical talent of POL-B, MIKE TWICE as well as production coming from TOKYO THE DISCO KID, MIKE MONGO, SOLO THE PRODUCER, and MIAL “BLACKBELT JONES”. Check it out for yourself! You can DOWNLOAD THE CD FREE here at BARBERLIFE  FREE CD Enjoy!

Written by Dan Brown “The Barber”


  • Erik McMillan says:

    5 years ago I found Exodus Barber Shop by purchasing the Afromentals CD collection from Ear Wax Records in downtown Atlanta. Dan did a rap on the Afromentals “It’s The Movement” CD by DJ Jamad. Dan rapped his store location with his rhyme and that let me to shop. Great marketing my brotha!!

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